Project Pirouette, Here I Come!

When I’m totally relaxed and listening to a song I like, I close my eyes and see myself dancing to it. I usually don’t see my face or any distinguishing features, just a form, a dancer…dancing away like nothing else matters. She’s one with the music and doesn’t have to think about how her body is moving, it just is. Sometimes there are flowing props like sheer cloth, sometimes she’s wearing a skirt that makes it look like she’s floating. She’s always in the moment, enjoying herself. It’s not something I make an effort to visualize, it just happens and I feel liberated whenever it does. It makes me think I have the soul of a dancer.

It also makes me profusely wish for that part of my soul to be friends with my body! You see, I have two left feet. At Zumba I’m usually the one turning left when everybody else is turning right. When I’ve mastered the footwork for a dance step, you can look up to see that I have frozen arms, or vice versa. It baffles me how I can just close my eyes and become this form that can waltz, ballet, salsa and do just about anything with the grace of a swan.

For years I’ve thought about taking dance lessons to see if I can actually breathe life into that part of my soul. I’ve been putting it off because I’m shy, mostly afraid of embarrassing myself given my general lack of coordination.

But now, I’d like to change that; mainly because I’m consciously busting any limiting thoughts I have about myself or the things that I can do. I want to explore other ways that I can share myself with the world.

I want to break free of my mental barriers and create an imprint of the unique signature that is my soul. Project Pirouette, here I come!

What about you? When do you feel most connected with your soul, or that form in your head that eludes explanation? Do leave a comment below, I’d love to hear about it!